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If you have got enough of your old, damaged commode and wish to bring some brand new, individual design ideas into your interior, you do not have to buy new furniture. Refresh the old one! Here is one of inspiring ideas, how to change the old commode into new, sophisticated and interesting item.
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stick exactly a waterproof veneer (in some natural wood color) to the sides and doors of the commode. Additionally to the drawers stick the cork stripes with some cut out motive (floral, abstract, folk or modern, minimalistic one). Unless you do not feel like cutting out complicated shapes, do not worry. You do not have to do it by yourself. Just use the ready-made templates (they are available in the interior stores, you can buy it online, too). If none of them seems to be interesting enough, compose couple of templates to create an unique effect. Use your imagination! Just remember that the motive should be similar to the style and shapes that dominate in your premises. Consider it carefully before starting the work.
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The best for sticking cork is polymer adhesive. Remember to calculate exactly, where to place the graphic motives. They need to work together with chinks, handles and corners. If the commode is large and wide, it is good to repeat this motive (for instance, place one element on the right top corner, an the second one - bottom left corner).

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Revenue the interior - useful tips
Refreshing motive that you have already used in one furniture item can be repeated and implemented also on other furniture items, for instance: on the side of bookcase or small table. But avoid placing it on all of the items in the interior (cupboards, cases, bar etc). The effect can be overwhelming. Instead of new interior character you gain damaged, useless furniture. Before you start, it is good to make a small research. Use the Internet (interior design and furniture designers sites etc.) and check out in design magazines - it is always inspiring!

If you do not like the idea of cork and wooden design, you can work with other materials, like: teak, cardboard, glass, plastic (there are templates in many different shapes and colors available), furniture textile or decorative sponge in many different colors, textures, diversified thickness. You can choose one of many different materials, styles and ideas. Good luck.

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